Over a Century of Success

From 1903 and a man with a mule building houses $20 at a time, to the 1960s and projects that include corporate offices, financial institutions, warehouses, and manufacturing and education facilities, our range of projects continues to reach new horizons. Today, we build the most advanced medical and office buildings while, simultaneously, we oversee grand renovations of historic structures. The diversity of our projects is indicative of our depth and creativity when it comes to strategy, cost analysis and scheduling solutions.

As one of the oldest general contractors in Kansas City, it is obvious that our approach to business relationships is built on stability and integrity formed through honest and sincere efforts as leaders in our industry. These values continue to create a foundation that is constantly expanding to fit today’s client and employee needs. We care about both making our projects enjoyable experiences and finding sustainable solutions for our future. We specialize in tailoring our services to the needs of each client’s project specific goals.