Award Winning Safety Program

You can’t be the best unless you are the safest. A.L. Huber has proven that our Safety Program is the best. Our success is evident by multiple consecutive years awarded The Builders’ Association Safety Excellence Award, including First Place in 2012 and again in 2013.

Safe jobsites promote efficiency, which is directly connected to the timely execution of project schedules and the ability to remain on budget. In every project is our unwavering commitment to quality and safety.

In 2013, we joined the Build Safe Partnership, which is a partnership between OSHA, The Builders’ Association and nine regional general contractors and subcontractors.  To qualify, a firm must meet and exceed demanding requirements for their Safety Program.

Our safety program is supported by an internal Safety Director. In addition, we engage a third-party safety consultant who is in constant contact with our jobsites and provides immediate feedback with photographs and summaries that are sent to the Safety Director and the president. These professionals are true stewards of keeping our staff, clients, public, and site contractors safe. They take their job seriously, and we appreciate their extra attention to detail.