Sarah Lero

Part of our mission at A.L. Huber is to create an excellent place for our team. We encourage our team members to join industry organizations and continue to grow in their careers. For our Director of Marketing, Sarah Lero, part of that is continuing her membership with the Forbes Communication Council, an invitation-only community for executives in successful public relations, media strategy, and creative and advertising agencies. While working for A.L Huber, the articles Sarah has contributed to are below.

13 Fun Elements to Incorporate into Personalized Marketing Campaigns

15 Unconventional and Inspired Approaches to Marketing

B2B Marketing: Four Ways to Stay Creative

14 Tactics to Avoid when Writing End-of-the-Year Sales Copy

15 Brand-Boosting Benefits of Emotional Marketing

15 Tips for Effective Content Marketing during the Holiday Season

11 Copywriting Tricks that are Critical for Driving Sales

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