In 2009, A.L. Huber General Contractor developed a program to become a beta site to test and demonstrate alternative-energy technologies to the Kansas City community. Along with our partner, VQ Wind, we planned a temporary wind turbine installation, demonstration, and monitoring program.

For over 5 years, our team compiled valuable data of the distributed wind energy’s performance. This data has been used by the manufacturer as well as the Mechanical Engineering Department at Inha University (Incheon, South Korea) to optimize the design, components and performance of their systems. Coincidentally, key changes were made in sizing, materials, additions of a hydraulic braking system and a tilt-up tower for future applications. These improvements were a direct result of the installation and operation of the turbine at our site. Our installation, use and monitoring of this turbine has been a major component of their “proof of concept,” and has advanced the future of distributed energy. A.L. Huber also was able to utilize the power generated from the turbine in our building operations, reducing our usage from the utility. Additionally, one of the key goals of the wind turbine demonstration was to raise awareness to the Kansas City community the possibility of utilizing distributed wind energy. That said, after a very successful program, the VQ WindJet testing is complete, and we will be dismantling the wind turbine in the near future.

The VQ WindJet 5 wind turbine is one component of A.L. Huber’s large-scale demonstration project coined “Renewable Energy Demonstration Initiative” (REDI), which has been extremely effective. The REDI project includes a 5kW wind turbine, 24 photo-voltaic panels on the south side of the building, a reclaimed wooden sun screen to reduce the building’s heat load, a green screen on the east side to absorb carbon dioxide emissions and create shading, installation of solatubes to bring natural light into the building, various energy saving enhancements on the interior of the building, and an “Energy Center” demonstration and education center that showcases the equipment and monitoring systems with real-time data.

Elements of the REDI project will remain intact and functioning (solar panels, green screen, solatubes, etc.) The dismantled wind turbine components will be donated and recycled. The pole and foundation will be retained for the next future demonstration purposes.

REDI project goals: “To educate the public about sustainable development and alternative energy alternatives, to test and improve these ‘green’ technologies, and to implement new sustainable technologies in the Kansas City metropolitan area.”

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A.L. Huber General Contractor: Augie Huber (913)341-4880 or Andy Huber (913)341-4880

VQ Wind: Tom Sabourin (650)996-9709

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