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Clearly a step above in preconstruction, you will be led by our highly experienced project team through the preconstruction process from analyzing the project in terms of construction feasibility, possible economies, availability of labor and materials and eliminating areas of conflict. Expect nothing but a great project with a solid preconstruction kick-off.
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Do you have a project you need priced? Or just want to talk through some different scenarios? We have an excellent, experienced and friendly estimating team. Controlling costs begins with accurate estimating and budgeting…every firm may say it, but can they do it for over 100 years?
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Ready for an orange sign? Look around, you will clearly see a difference on an A.L. Huber jobsite. Whether interior finish or new building, your jobsite will be extremely clean, safe and reflect sustainable practices. Yes, we do all kinds of construction from renovations of historic structures to LEED Gold buildings. Complex and complicated construction is our specialty… check out our successful projects.
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General Contractor

Architects, owners and developers agree – making the right GC selection is critical to the success of the project. Integrity, quality and value are what we stand on. Ask around and you’ll soon learn that A.L. Huber is a highly regarded, respected and knowledgeable Kansas City general contractor.
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Your project may be best served by a construction management at risk delivery method. You will experience a collaborative project team sharing responsibility for all decisions—thus reducing risk for the architect, engineers, the CM and, most important, less risk for the client. Our open-book approach means the results of all bids will available for owner/architect/engineer review prior to final selection. A distinct advantage of CM@R is the ability to fast track early components of construction. Are you looking for an experienced CM?
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As either an architect or an owner, you want what we want – a smooth construction process and a great final product. We share the same high level of commitment, quality and integrity as our design team members. We’ll talk to you more about how our DB process can bring a great value to the project – saving time and money.