Senior living

A.L. Huber is honored to provide Village Shalom with the highest quality construction services. Our knowledge of the Village Shalom population, management processes, and the site is invaluable. Over the past few years, we have built more than projects; we have built a trusted relationship. Through value engineering and 100% savings returned to the client, we have helped them accomplish more value for the precious funds they have worked diligently to raise. Together with Village Shalom’s staff and residents, we have engaged in many community service efforts and look forward to a long-lasting partnership.

Our most recent project included an extensive 8,491 sq. ft. remodel of Suite 1 with SFCS Architects. Our preconstruction team worked diligently to procure the necessary medical equipment and ADA accessories required for the project.

Unique project features:

  • Demolition of partitions, shower units, and ceiling tiles
  • Installation of new doors, frames, and hardware
  • Remodel the kitchen, dish room, and soiled utility
  • New support rooms for clean work, equipment storage, care base, and medical room

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