Bennett Packaging

This week at our Bennett Packaging project, we had one of the most extensive concrete pours for the project yet, coming in at 1,060 yards of concrete! So, what does it take to get this much concrete poured in one day? The day of preparation started at 2:30 in the morning to ensure that the site and team would be ready by the time the first truck arrived. The first truck started at 4:00 am, with the last truck arriving at 3 pm. The team finally called it a night at 9 pm when they had finished and were satisfied with the outcome of the pour.

Talking with Butch Schasteen, Project Superintendent, he mentioned that at one point, there were 16 concrete trucks cycling through and in line to pour! Butch also mentioned how much coordination it takes to accomplish a pour of this size with the different trades it takes to prep, pour, and finish the concrete. Below is a video recapping the work throughout the day.

The Bennett Packaging project still has a few more concrete pours and is then on to steel erection. Be on the lookout for more project updates!

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